Project Description


A collection of wildlife photographs that are available as prints in various sizes.

Highland Cattle

On a cloudy day in the spring I made my way to the farm on the outskirts of Harrison, after talking with the farmer I made my way onto the property with his permission. I spent the day in the field sitting with the cattle, after a while there interest and fear in me faded completely and I was able to share intimate moments with them now oblivious to my presence.


A brief moment

In 2018, BC was bombarded with one of its worse forest fire seasons, smoke blanketed the lower mainland in a deep gray haze.

I was out kayaking when I came upon a massive tree floating in the waves. In my inflatable kayak I haphazardly gripped the massive cedar with one hand trying to avoid the splintered ends from puncturing my vessel. Within the splintered chaos a mayfly sat upon the end. I tried to pull focus as the waves thrashed at me and after some time with the prehistoric  “Ephemeroptera” I found calm in the chaos and released the shutter. My brief moment with the mayfly was over, I floated away my arm scrapped and bleeding from the cedar as the sun set above the lake and small island in front of me.

Some of the most memorable times pass by in a brief moment and that day I captured the embodiment of that idea, Mayflies have a short lifespan, they are fleeting like a moment in time.

“Bloodless and many footed animals, whether furnished with wings or feet, move with more than four points of motion; as, for instance, the dayfly (ephémeron) moves with four feet and four wings: and, I may observe in passing, this creature is exceptional not only in regard to the duration of its existence, whence it receives its name, but also because though a quadruped it has wings also.” -Aristotle